Monday, September 24, 2012

Slowly but surely...

Hey there, just a quick post (testing 1, 2, 3 ) LOL
Seeing how posting on the go is going to work. I take most of my pictures with my phone, so I had to give this a shot.
It's still warm down here & as you can see, it looks more like Spring than Autumn but here is hoping we get a cold front soon. More projects & pictures to come! Advice welcome from those of you who make this look so easy!
Enjoy your week and find beauty in unexpected places!
x Drena
Butterfly in the back garden makes me think of Spring
Trying to get in the mood for fall...
The butterfly meadow in our back garden.  The old pump house from the 1920's behind our property is glamourustique!
My tools of the trade, right before the table went from chocolate to vanilla!
Our chickens enjoying the afternoon outside
My garden boots by the back door...


  1. Love all the photo's chickens are awesome, wanted to let you know that you have a setting that makes me do word verification, it takes time and half the time I cannot see the words/letters so I give up on blogs that have this turned on, it does prevent spam but most people have this turned off in the settings as most bloggers don't want to bother with word verification, just an idea!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Sherry! I appreciate any and all feedback. I turned the word verification off (it drives me nuts too!) Thanks again for your love and support! x Drena