Friday, October 12, 2012

Creative Thinking

When money gets tight, especially around this time of year, with the holidays approaching, it puts me in a creative mood. I so enjoy my Saturday trips to the flea market & various sales. Hunting for bargains, hidden treasures, finding things that can be repurposed and given new life, thinking outside the box. Not to mention, it is a great couple of hours spent with my dad. I found a beautiful stained glass, that even with a couple cracks, still has years of beauty and a new life in our home.
I have also been taking advantage of drier, cooler(?) weather, getting my garden back in order. It's a process right now (lots of weeding!) but I look forward to sharing pictures with you in the coming weeks. I don't know very much about gardening or landscaping but I enjoy being creative with our outdoor living spaces. I like our garden to reflect our home, with an eclectic mix of furniture & details. Almost everything in our garden was reclaimed or generously traded from family & friends, including many of the plants. I just recently found a three light lamp post for the back garden & can't wait to put it in. I am constantly thinking about plans for the back yard. Again, being on a very tight budget inspires my creativity.
While I was outside gardening this week, I came across an endless supply of sticks & foliage for projects I have had in mind for awhile. Not to mention, it is the perfect escape from yard work, to sit inside, in the cool, with my glue gun.  I am having a lot of fun making my stick stars, for lack of a catchier name. (Suggestions welcome!!) I'm working on all different sizes, and using different decorating materials & paint colour. Expect more pictures, as I continue to work on them. I also made my first wreath, weaved from cuttings in my yard & decorated with dried roses. I am in love with the wilted beauty, that seems frozen in time. There is great satisfaction in creating something from items you already have, including sticks & flowers from the garden. Now, I find myself looking around outside with new appreciation, wondering what I will find to make next. Don't be afraid to try something new, you will probably surprise yourself. Appreciate all that you have, right down to the smallest things. You don't have to be wealthy to live a rich life.

Have a great weekend! Thank you again for stopping by & for all your support and kind wishes.
x Drena
My new star, hanging in our living room. A perfect example of glamourustique.
Something new, slightly worn, but full of beauty above our bed.
The quiet peace of the morning in our kitchen, after my boys are gone for the day
A cup of tea while I work on my stick stars
Last thing at night, walking through our cottage in the gentle glow
The window above my kitchen sink, an ever changing display of treasures
My first star, made entirely of goodies collected in our garden.  The piece of chipped china was found while weeding a flower bed, a reminder of days gone by.
My grandmothers china cabinet, now home to my ever growing collection.
Drying my anniversary bouquet of roses, makes for a pretty display of fall colour on the chandy
You don't have to be a great chef to display yummy, baked goodies under a glass dome.  One of my favorite, must have touches in any kitchen.
Egyptian perfume bottles and vintage earrings found at the market
Beauty is all around us, even faded, in all her glory.  My first wreath, again made from goodies collected in the garden.


  1. Hi Drena,

    I really enjoyed reading your wonderful and inspiring post! It's so true about following your creativity while saving some hard earned money, especially before the holidays... Your cottage is soooooo BEAUTIFUL!! You have done an amazing job!! I also have to tell you how much I LOVe your stick stars or homemade star sticks... They are so LOVELY and you're inspiring me to make my own... By the way, your muffins displayed in the glassware are making me hungry!!! Now, all you need to do is get well my friend.
    Hugs~ Steph

  2. I am loving the stick stars, the black cabinet and the color of granite, the muffins, it is all so pretty and creative!!!