Sunday, January 6, 2013


I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel a little guilty for not posting to my blog more often.  I post pictures to my personal facebook page as well as my Glamourustique facebook page but lately, I have been so busy with the holidays and projects around the house...
I know a lot of us are using Instagram.  Here is the link to me:  It is fast, easy and full of inspiration and I'm a big fan of instant gratification!  So, I have added my Instagram feed to my blog, so those of you stopping by may not see a new post but you can check out my latest pictures.  If you want to add this to your blog (rather than just the Instagram badge) here is the link to generate the code:
As soon as I get a little more caught up around here, I hope to return to blogging more regularly.  Thank you again, to all of my friends (new and old) and family for stopping by.  
Wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead! 
xoxo Drena
My master bedroom


  1. I understand getting busy and not updating the ole blog!!! Hope your new year brings lots of inspiration for you to blog about, I have yet to sign up for instagram, just getting use to the get the big girl camera and have a great day Drena!!

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