Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting ready for fall

Trying to get in the mood for autumn can be a challenge when living in Florida. Even though the cinnamon brooms have appeared at Publix, we have yet to see our first cold front. Fingers crossed we get cool weather soon, as I can't wait to open all the windows.
I finally got around to painting our fireplace. It was an odd mix of gray & pinkish brick. It was installed back in the '60's, so it wasn't original to the bungalow. The coat of white ties it into our living room much better. I'm still getting use to living with so much dark wood, a compromise for my boys. I like to think that it brings a nice English sensibility to the living room. And, at least there wasn't too much of a fuss when I framed the tv!
Hope everyone is having a lovely week!
x Drena
White brick, roses and a touch of fall
Wood & White with a great vintage Union Jack license tag
I love candlelight.  I highly suggest checking out the latest issue of Romantic Country magazine.  Great feature on the beautiful home of Tausha, of Simply Me  Love her blog!!!
Found this great wicker pumpkin for $1.00 at the market
Little white pumpkins and dried roses
After I painted the fireplace brick white & framed the tv. (I still want to paint the mantle white...)
I found this beautiful frame at an estate sale for $10.00.  I painted it white, and used wire to secure it to the wall. 
Bagheera adds the perfect Halloween charm (I don't know if he is too sure about the pumpkins, lol)

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  1. It all looks beautiful not sure why I did not see that you blogposted in my facebook feeds........I am not seeing alot of stuff, love the frame on the tv great idea!