Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Around the cottage

I have been busy, busy the past couple of weeks. I love the start of a new year, as it is a great excuse to clean, organize & purge! How many things do we hang on to for reasons even beyond just being sentimental? I am trying to be "less is more" around the cottage, which isn't always easy when you are from a family of collectors! I find myself inspired by so many blogs, showcasing beautiful, open spaces. So, I have been carefully sorting through...
I have also gotten around to several painting projects but there is still more! I am in love with Annie Sloan Chalk paint & highly recommend it!
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week! Less is more!
x Drena

My workspace

Living Room

Side Tables before paint

Lovely things from Shabby Chic line at House of Fraser, UK

It has been gray & rainy but this is cozy

View through the cottage

I adore my kitchen!!

The dark trim has got to go...

2013 from Shabby Chic Couture (thanks Rachel Pallas for the heads up!)

Bar Cabinet before paint

The ever changing workroom

Dining Room

Hutch before paint and all my china stacked on the table, what a mess!

I love vintage bottles & jars

Amazing what a coat of paint can do! (Annie Sloan New White)

Side Table done in Annie Sloan Paris Grey

Bar Cabinet after paint!

View through the kitchen (my dad built my chopping block island to match my mums)


  1. WOW Drena you have been so busy! I adore your kitchen too it is beautiful, love the photo's and the china hutch!!!

  2. Thanks Sherry! The new year (and all you lovely ladies!)inspired me to go crazy! x

  3. Wowza! Your home looks so beautiful and cozy ! Great job on all the painting too. I really love your House Of Fraser pretties ! You are so lucky ! Xo~ Steph